Why good marketing is non-negotiable

Published: 23/09/2022

A question we get asked a lot is whether spending time and money on good marketing is worth the investment. And we only ever have one answer….absolutely!

You might be looking to sell your home or decide that letting it out is a better option for you; either way, strong, well-planned marketing is the only way to reach the right people at the right time. Don’t just take our word for it; of course, we will say that; instead, ask yourself this; if you were searching for a new home, what would persuade you to want to take a look around….poor quality photos and no idea of a floor layout? We seriously doubt it. Why would you waste your time? People want info, so we are here to provide that info – and loads of it!

Buyers and renters love a floorplan. Properties with floorplans will receive significantly more interest than those without one. Without an accurate and thorough floorplan, you may still have plenty of viewings, but many of them will be people who are just ‘enquiring’ whether the property is right for them and whether it works for their lifestyle. Now you could argue that everyone viewing a property is doing that, and you would be right. But by providing them with a floorplan in advance, they will already have shortlisted this as their potential new home…and that’s a significantly closer step than going in blind. Time is precious, and good marketing saves loads of it! Research provided by Rightmove suggests over a third of buyers are less likely to enquire about a property if there’s no floorplan. 1 in 5 would actually ignore the listing altogether. Big statistics, right? And let’s be honest, photos don't always tell the full story. Sometimes a good photo can make a room look bigger than it is, and other times a photo just doesn’t do the room size justice. A floorplan is transparent. It works with facts, and facts are what buyers need to make decisions – decisions that could potentially sell or let your home. If the correct information is provided, people will start to picture themselves living there before they have even stepped through the door.  

Good quality photos are simply a must-have for marketing a property in the same way as a floorplan. It gives a potential buyer or tenant the chance to see exactly what the property has to offer for them, but on a whole new level. Photos allow you to show your target audience features of a property that simply wouldn’t be possible with a floorplan alone. While a floor plan shows the number and size of the rooms, photos show so much more…light, character…the list goes on. Seeing furniture inside a house also helps people to visualise how their belongings would fit and look, hence why show homes are often furnished. It creates the feel of a home, a home that every person visiting is hoping to find. At a time when many people spend hours scrolling on their phones, professional photography has the power to stop someone in their tracks. One explanation is that the human brain is better at interpreting visual content – creating images of any kind, particularly photos, is an easy way to grab someone’s attention and keep it. And that’s precisely what we want to achieve.
Social Media
In a nutshell, social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to promote a product or service. Pretty simple when you put it like that. It is more than just a way of contacting your friends or sharing photos – it’s an excellent tool for doing business. Social media is still not everyone’s cup of tea, though. And we get that. Times have changed dramatically over the past decade, making it hard to keep up. Every other day new words are being thrown around…algorithm, reels, carousel posts…it’s a minefield. But however much we might want to shut our eyes and cover our ears, social media isn’t going anywhere. Social media is a fantastic way of promoting a service or a product (i.e. a property) as it reaches such a broad audience…an audience living in an age where being online is a huge part of our lives. As well as promoting a positive impression of your property, social media can help keep it at the forefront of prospects’ minds while they make their decision. It ensures a property reaches the right people, at the right time, in the right way.  

And is this something we are good at?
I think it’s obvious what we are going to say here. Of course, we are! Ensuring that our properties are marketed to their full potential is our priority because we know that good marketing leads to sales and lets and the way we do this is by finding the best people for the jobs. As property agents, we know property inside out, which is why we do what we do. But we simply do not have the skills to create floorplans and photos that do your properties justice. And we know that. So, we outsource to all the best people in every single field. By finding the right people to create our floorplans and photos, and the right people to run our social media, we are building a much wider network of specialists to achieve the marketing level our customers deserve. These guys are part of a close-knit team we are proud to be part of. We even use drones….an extra touch many agents don’t yet use. What can we say? We are one step ahead of the game.

If you are looking for an agent who understands the importance of good marketing and is confident about selling or letting your property in an impressive timeframe, then come and find us. We can’t wait to meet you…
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