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Cambridge has been a hotspot for property investment for many years. This has been driven not by booming values, but by a consistent increase in property values and insulation from wider market falls. Chasing booms and busts doesn’t work, not for the informed investor. The consistent, steady value creation Cambridge offers is underpinned by strong employment, excellent schools and high quality of life attracting more people to live in the City than there are properties to live in. Simple supply and demand. Local government have for years been trying to balance the need for more housing with the need to maintain the very aspects of the City that make it so popular - its culture and its history.

Property investment stopped being a get rich quick scheme years ago, and, in all honesty, it was never that anyway despite how many books were written about it and how many podcasts now discuss it. Property investment needs a long-term outlook and those investors who are most successful are those who consider not just the market conditions when buying, but the market conditions when owning and selling as well.

Here at Gray & Toynbee we aren’t just advisors. We aren’t just those who sit on the side-lines and point and say ’this is how it should be done’. We’ve done it. We’ve been in the arena. We’ve been successful at it, and we have made mistakes doing it.

So, if you're an investor (or thinking of being one) who is looking at property as inheritance mechanism, or an investor looking at property as a pension alternative, or a high net worth individual looking to diversify and build a substantial but manageable portfolio. Or if you’re anywhere in between. If you're looking for insightful, informed and balanced advice from someone who has been there and done that, we can help. We’re trusted. 

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